Our Message

Make a difference in the lives of our Service members, Veterans and their Families. You will find that most everyone would like to make a difference regardless of how they feel or what their opinion is about our current or past military operations, actions or politics. We can do this together by reaching out, informing, educating, enabling and empowering our Nation to Give Back.

A few examples of giving back:

  • Host an event or activity that focuses on Veterans, Service Members and their Families
  • Ensure you reach out and inform local Veterans, Service Members and their Families of these activities or events
  • Collect Items for donation
  • Listing of recommended items is located in the Hosting an Event section
  • Check in on a neighbor who is a Veteran, Service Member, or Deployed Family member
  • Ask how they are doing and if they need anything: lawn mowed, essential repairs, school supplies, other
  • Host a Veteran, Service Member or their Family
  • Coffee, soda, meal or just conversation
  • Reach out and say, "Thanks for Serving" to a Service Member or Veteran
  • Reach out and say, "Thanks for your Support" to a Service Member's or Veterans family for their support

Informing and Educating

Keeping visibility on and addressing the needs of our Service members, Veterans and their Families through the hosting of or participation in Special Events/Workshops (PTSD-Trauma Workshops) Concerts, Speaking and Multi-Media Events.

Care Packing

Annual year-round support and Challenge America (National Packing events). Our goals are to ensure every deployed Service Member, Veteran in a VA hospital or VA home receives a care package, through regional and local partnerships.

Wounded Warrior Path To Strength (WWPTS)

WWPTS is a classroom / bedside computer program for our Wounded Service members – It is a partnership developed with Dell, Microsoft, Verizon and Sprint. Through the maturity of this program we are able to provided Hardware Capital (Dell Laptop-with MS Office and Windows OS), Knowledge Capital (Four Days of MS classes from certified Microsoft Instructors) and Social Capital (Active broadband-AT&T, Verizon or Sprint) used to access the internet anywhere - connect to Family, Unit, Case workers and the Microsoft on-line academy to complete the individual course modules to receive Microsoft Certifications. These are critical tools for our Service members to continue their training and education, and stay connected with family, social and professional networks/organizations.

WWPTS Briefing


Respond to and/or facilitate the stated needs of our Homeless Veterans, Service Members, Veterans and their Families. Providing transportation, food, household items, job search assistance, financial support and other critical support. Work closely with our community organizations - VASH/HUD, provide furniture and household items. Task Force Smile: Procuring, Collecting and delivering Toys and Games to our critically Ill Military Kids undergoing treatment.