Brigadier General Stephen E. Joyce

BG Joyce served as the Deputy to the Deputy Chief of Staff Stability, and Deputy Director Allied Command Europe, Project and Partnering, Headquarters International Security Assistance Force Joint Command, Kabul, Afghanistan. He is charged with managing the Governance and Development lines of Operation at the strategic level, two of the six Lines of Operation in the Campaign Plan. General Joyce ensures integration and action with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, United States Government and other nation’s agencies, and donors to directly address the governance and development issues undermining progress. He advises the Deputy Chief of Staff on aviation related projects in Afghanistan from a developmental and operational perspective. General Joyce co-chairs the Executive Working Group in the United States Embassy, chairs the Borders Issues Working Group and is the senior United States uniformed representative of all civilian/military synchronization for Headquarters, International Security Assistance Force and United States Forces Afghanistan.

Within the Deputy Chief of Staff Stability, General Joyce represents the Deputy Chief of Staff Stability as required and administers the 165+ person multinational directorate. This includes five, 1-Star subordinate divisions within Deputy Chief of Staff Stability: Governance, Development, Aviation Development, Civil/Military Synchronization and Telecommunications Advisory Team.

General Joyce enlisted in the Alaska Air National Guard in 1979 as a C-130 Loadmaster. He attended the United States Army Flight School as a Warrant Officer Candidate and then graduated from Officer Candidate School in 1985. General Joyce is a graduate of Wayland Baptist University and the United States Army War College.

Stephen E. Joyce