Founders Caring Kids Cards

Ms. Levy started volunteering when she was 3 years old. Some might think that is too young to volunteer, but she has definitely proved them wrong. Ms. Levy would like everyone to know that it does not matter how old you are. Along with her brother, Ms. Levy co-founded a program called Caring Kids Cards. Even someone as young as two, like when her brother Aiden, started making cards. Kids even younger can make a card. Aiden was there by her side since he was born.

Before Ms. Levy got lots of homework, making cards was part of her daily bed time routine. These cards are sent to the military in London, Germany, Bangkok, Moscow, Korea, and the Middle East, including Afghanistan and Iraq. They have also gone to the Philippines and other counties. Some of the cards have been in different languages. The cards go to people that don't have parents, firefighters and police, senior centers, hospitals, active military and veterans.

Many programs are focused on the December holidays, however Ms. Levy's volunteer work is year round. Card making events include December Holidays, Holiday Mail for Heroes, Toys for Tots, University Military Care Package program, Valentine's Day, Veteran's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Mother's and Father's Day and other events.

Thanks to groups of youth across the United States, Caring Kids Cards has exceeded their goal to give out over 10,000 cards, notebooks, school supplies, meals, or gifts by the time they are teenagers. You will find on their website, it is not about making the cards, it is about making a difference and putting a smile on someone's face; even if they do not meet the person. Caring Kids Cards also goes beyond community service, but ties the activity to every day learning, including math, science, geography, spelling, grammar, public speaking, etc.

She has volunteered at multiple events on the National Mall in Washington DC, including walking in the Help the Homeless Walk, serving as ambassador at the National Science and Engineering Festival, and also volunteering at the booth at the Earth Day Festival and Family Day at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Just to name a few.

Ms. Levy was the youngest to ever receive the honor of Lady Fairfax, an honor presented by the local board of supervisors for making a difference in the community. In January 2011, Ms. Levy and her brother received the generationOn Hub Hero Award. They were also honored to be part of the Points of Light Tribute to President George HW Bush held at the Kennedy Center.

She is also an official youth reporter for AOL's, where she writes articles from a kids point of view. Ms. Levy has also spoken at several events, including multiple Clear Channel radio stations.

Ms. Levy is proud to join America's Adopt A Solider Advisory Board sharing her message that "You are never too young or too old to make a difference!!"

Gabrielle and Aiden Levy